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Самые лучшие серии популярных отечественных и зарубежных телешоу. Новая часть. Top Gear's live show in town had totally blown me away as it was, then I got to show my Delorean time machine which blew me away even more, and then I was asked if I wanted to do a lap in their sports car around the race track -- so you can imagine how excited I was! I had to sign my life away and wear a racing band around my wrist (probably so that they can find the body if I get flung out into the ocean in the event of a mishap :) One requirement was that I had to wear long sleeves and the only jacket I had on me was my BTTF 2015 jacket from the movie ... but it wasn't till I signed the form that I realised I was wearing a highly inflamable rubber jacket ... so I kept that to myself thinking "what are the odds of being roasted in a jacket from the future near a Delorean time machine???" My friend flew around the track at up to 90km/h and it was dramatically MORE exhilerating behind the camera than as it appears on video but if you reference the aerial shot of the track with the time it took for us to make each turn, you'll soon see that we were flying at break neck speed. My favourite part was the fish tail section in the skid pan area as I felt right at home as I get to see these all the time in suburbia on Friday nights :) If you've never been in a race car I can highly recommend it as it was a lifetime dream of mine and something that brings a major grin to my face everytime I think of it. What's more the crew had me on their dash camera for the whole trip and have said they're going to put it on the net so keep an eye out for it as it will make Australia's Funniest Home Videos as I pass out several times and was electro-chair shocked back into filming mode frequently :) This was certainly an incredible day for me and I can't thank the organisers for making this happen as it truly was a once in a lifetime dream come true for me. I can thoroughly recommend the car and I heard back later that the seats are also very easily cleaned without the use of power tools :) I hope you enjoy my video and thanks for watching! Cheers, Doc Braun :) Телевизионные фильмы всегда привлекают внимание своим закрученным сюжетом и непредсказуемой концовкой.

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