Смотреть сериал Charlie University: FGCU Student Athletes Promote Kids' Health with K is for Kids

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Самые лучшие серии популярных отечественных и зарубежных телешоу. Новая часть. FGCU students promote healthy habits for kids through "Charlie University" -- a three-part video series inspired by the lovable pup Charlie from the children's book "Carrots for Charlie, A Tale of Health, Fitness and Happiness" by authors Rhonda Brazina and Ida Margolis with illustrations by Virginia C. Mulford. Assigned with a Civic Engagement class project, a team of six students -- Sylvie, John, Megan V., Eric, Megan W. and Carrie -- decided they wanted to address the issue of children's nutrition. Reaching out to community partner and nonprofit K is for Kids Foundation, the students told Karen Clawson, founder and executive director, that they hoped to encourage children to develop healthier eating and exercise habits. Karen suggested the students create videos aimed at children, then introduced everyone to Charlie's story. After a meeting with the authors, the project was launched!This video is the introduction to the series. Watch for more videos to follow: the first two videos show kids fun ways to stay fit -- the students share a healthy snack that children can make on their own and then play a game of "four square" outside. The third video teaches children ways they can help keep their own dogs healthy by giving them nutritious snacks. It even includes a segment on how to brush a dog's teeth.After the students created the videos, Karen enlisted the help of another student volunteer, Rene Pastir of Lorenzo Walker Institute of Technology. Rene, who also serves as K is for Kids' multimedia consultant, began collaborating with the FGCU students and agreed to handle video editing and production. Special thanks go to all these students for their dedication, compassion and creativity, and also the multimedia department at LWIT and teacher Richard Ponton for making this collaborative project such a success!For more information, go to or and also or Телевизионные фильмы всегда привлекают внимание своим закрученным сюжетом и непредсказуемой концовкой.

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